Choose induction heating equipment with budget savings

When choosing equipment for induction heating, quenching or melting, technicians and owners of industrial enterprises often make mistakes that entail not only monetary costs, deterioration in the quality of products, but also loss of customer confidence, which, in turn, affects the work of the company generally. The specialists of Termolit LLC, the only enterprise with 24 years of experience in the development and manufacture of induction melting furnaces, induction heating and quenching installations in Ukraine with a full production cycle, present their vision of the problems that arise and how to solve them.

Make informed and balanced decisions.

Over the years, we have had to deal with situations where emotional motives influenced decision-making. As a result, the equipment did not meet the requested requirements, and significant investments in it turned into losses. It is good if, when purchasing equipment, the owner and technical specialists of the companies keep a cold mind and are ready to understand in detail all the nuances. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Selecting the right induction heating equipment requires considering not only the characteristics of the equipment, but also the supplier itself. Induction heating equipment must be durable and reliable, so the decision must be made very carefully. The best way is to draw up a technical task, which should indicate what functions of induction heating are needed, the desired dimensions of the products and the volume of production. You should also consider the following points:

Cost of equipment

The price of equipment is important, but not the main selection criterion. Unfortunately, many managers make a serious mistake, focusing only on the cost of equipment as the main criterion.

When you are offered induction equipment at a "very favorable price", we advise you not to rush and delve deeper into its capabilities. Often such proposals, upon a more detailed examination, are almost immediately eliminated due to the discrepancy between the actual characteristics and the declared data. You need to carefully study the technical characteristics of the equipment offered to you and compare with your technical task.

Supplier reliability

Choosing a supplier of equipment, first of all, you choose a partner, on which stable work and development of your enterprise will largely depend.

Pay attention to:

  • the amount of equipment supplied by the supplier, its reference list;
  • availability of service and technical support;
  • customer reviews about the supplier;
  • supplier experience;
  • warranty.

Many sellers in the market simply resell products made by other companies. They can provide good initial sales support but have limited after-sales service and support options. They do not have experienced service engineers and will not be able to service the supplied induction equipment.

Equipment quality and reliability

When making a business case for choosing a particular type of equipment, be sure to consider the risks of downtime before purchasing. And remember that the cost of equipment is estimated not so much by the purchase price as by the cost of operation, which decreases with its stable operation. It is very important that the equipment works reliably and continuously. In its manufacture, high-quality materials and element base should be used.

Engineering operational support

It is very important for the supplier to have a team of engineers capable of commissioning and starting-up of induction heating and quenching installations in a short time. Such a team should provide consulting assistance to its clients in solving technological problems of equipment.

In addition, even the most reliable equipment needs service. But customers often don't even think about the need for further technical support. Lack of proper service leads to downtime. At the same time, the company incurs large losses, disrupting the timing of production.

Additional features

Since time does not stand still and new technologies appear all the time, it is worth asking the supplier about the use of innovative solutions in the production. For example, automated control system, internet connection, temperature control and monitoring options, the ability to integrate equipment into your system or production line.

Also a great advantage is the supplier's ability to manufacture additional equipment such as:

  • remote control;
  • flexible water-cooled cables;
  • water cooling systems for induction heating installations;
  • non-standard inductors.

Be vigilant!

Representatives of some equipment manufacturers, trying to quickly capture the market, manipulate information about components and technical characteristics of equipment. It should be emphasized that it is the technical characteristics, and especially the budget equipment, that are most often manipulated by unscrupulous suppliers.

For example, inexpensive installations for induction heating and hardening are offered, the declared technical characteristics of which are not only not inferior to the top-end equipment of world famous companies, but also surpass it. And if you do not analyze and check the information provided before purchasing, you can purchase installations that completely do not meet your expectations.

Based on the above, approach the choice of equipment for induction heating thoughtfully and carefully. Research not only the product itself, but also the supplier. Don't be fooled by cheap prices, but prioritize equipment quality.

We wish you to find a reliable supplier who will become your partner for a long time!

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