Recently, we have had more frequent requests specifically for equipment for hardening machine parts and tools.What is so special about hardening installations?

Induction hardening units are widely used in machine building enterprises. Quenching is carried out by heating the part with high frequency currents. At the same time, the upper layers of the metal are actively heated, due to the high density of the induced currents, and then the parts are quickly cooled in a hardening environment (water, oil, saline and polymer liquids).Increasing the strength and hardness of the surface of the product by induction hardening improves the operability and extends the service life of the equipment.

Not so long ago we wrote about the IHU-80-66 automated hardening complex, and now we have developed and have already successfully tested the IHU-120-66 hardening complex for a Ukrainian state enterprise.

This equipment is used for hardening shafts up to 300 mm long and gears up to 500 mm in diameter. Induction hardening complex IHU-120-66 consists of:

  • generator HFTG-120-66 with built-in cooling station;
  • heating block;
  • hardening machine for shafts and gears;
  • inductor-sprayers for parts of different diameters (275, 228, 77, 55, 85, 27, 45, 90 mm) - 8 pcs .;
  • cooling towers;
  • pumping station PS-20 / 3.0;
  • a set of mounting accessories.

The induction hardening complex allows hardening of products in manual and semi-automatic modes of operation, while providing the possibility of hardening single and non-standard products.The design of the machine ensures safe working conditions for the operating personnel, and also excludes the use of substances hazardous and harmful to human health.

The main advantages of induction hardening include:

  • uniform heating of the working area;
  • profitability, low power consumption;
  • high heating rate and high productivity;
  • automation of heating and quenching processes;
  • high strength properties of hardened parts;
  • the ability to harden individual parts of the part;
  • saving time for hardening.

The equipment was shipped to the Customer on 08/10/2020.

You can make order by phone: +380 (98) 63 502 63

E-mail: info@termolit.com

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