induction hardening machine

Induction hardening machine

Induction hardening machine are used for hardening of various metals, in order to give the material a higher strength and wear resistance. Induction hardening machine are designed for surface hardening of external and internal surfaces of engineering and automotive components such as shaft, gear, cog wheel, etc.

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Advantages of the induction hardening machine

In order to buy the unit for metal hardening, you can contact Termolit LLC. This company has been engaged in the manufacture of equipment for all types of heat treatment for many years, and is ready to offer its customers a very wide range of quality products.

The equipment for metal hardening is characterized by high performance characteristics, and is manufactured in strict compliance with all technical standards and international standards. Main advantages:

  • reliability and durability;
  • smooth and uniform warming up of the working area;
  • high-precision tuning of equipment;
  • excellent strength and wear resistance;
  • low power consumption.

The most refractory materials that can withstand elevated temperatures are used in the manufacture of units. The design features are perfectly thought out, which determines the reliability and durability of the equipment.

A competent arrangement of the heating elements ensures uniform heating. There are variants with a wide range of upper temperatures. This ensures the correctness of hardening processes, and as a result - the high quality of the processed metals. For ease of management, many processes are automated.


Induction hardening machine in operation


In delivery set of the induction hardening machine is included:

  1. The thyristor (transistor) frequency converter;
  2. The hardening transformer *;
  3. The control and signaling console CSC;
  4. The heat exchange cabinet IM;
  5. SP&Acc to the TFC;
  6. Set of mounting accessories;
  7. Set of operational documentation.
  8. Hardening machine *

* - according to the technical specification of the customer



Unit type Load supplying capacity, kW Operating frequency, kHz Electric power supply, ИП Heating temperature, С
IHU-100-8,0 100 8 TFC-100 1200
IHU -120-66(22) 120 66(22) HFTG-120 1200
IHU -160-66(22) 160 66(22) HFTG -160 1200
IHU -250-22 250 22 HFTG -250 1200
IHU -250-8,0 250 8 TFC -250 1200



The Termolit company is the leader today in production of induction equipment both in the domestic and foreign markets. If you want to buy the equipment for metal hardening at a reasonable price, it is best to purchase products directly from the manufacturer, without overpaying to intermediaries.

In order to purchase the unit for metal hardening, the price for which will be reasonable, please contact the TERMOLIT directly, and soon you will receive reliable and high-tech equipment.

The company also sells induction hardening units of various capacities that are manufactured in accordance with high quality standards.

The specialists of the company are always aware of the market trends, and consider the needs and desires of the client as much as possible. We will be able to create any of the most complex equipment in accordance with requirements of the customer, with the shortest possible time. The products of our company are consistently high quality, reliability and durability.

We also provide quality warranty service, and post-warranty service on mutually beneficial terms.