Shipment of two induction melting furnaces ICMEF-0,5/0,4 TH1 to the company in Nova Kakhovka

At the beginning of June 2021 Thermolit LLC shipped two modern induction melting crucible electric furnaces of new generation ICMEF-0,5/0,4 TH1 to the enterprise in Nova Kakhovka.                                                                                                                                 

LLC "Termolit" manufactures equipment using the latest modern technology. The equipment is completed with reliable assemblies, quality components, and has numerous advantages:

▪ high reliability of the furnaces is achieved through the use of high-quality components and materials from European manufacturers Germany and the Czech Republic;

▪ using only first-class and environmentally friendly materials, without asbestos;

▪ application of reliable thyristor frequency converters with automatic frequency adjustment during melting;

▪ low specific energy consumption per tonne of melted metal;

▪ no carbon blackout of alloying elements;

▪ higher melting power and speed;

▪ intensive metal stirring and high melt homogeneity;

▪ high environmental friendliness of the technological process;

▪ accurate melt temperature control;

▪ possibility of melting non-ferrous metals in a packed crucible;

▪ hydraulic cylinder rods are securely protected against metal splashes;

▪ higher safety of the furnace equipment during operation.

The inductances of inductors, connection lines and capacitance of capacitor banks have been optimized. As a result, losses in the furnace circuit have been minimized, which means:

  • higher productivity;
  • economical use of electricity;
  • higher efficiency of induction furnaces.

The crucible furnaces differ in the design of the melting units, the size of the inductors, and the temperature range.

The construction of the melting unit is made of stainless steel, which increases the mechanical strength of the product. All supplied components are of our own manufacture. Modern advanced technologies and environmentally friendly quality materials have been used in the production of the melting unit.

The use of induction melting furnaces produced by LLC "Termolit" in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, foundry production can improve the quality of the castings and increase productivity, as well as reduce production costs.

We hope for long term and mutually beneficial cooperation!

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