Shipment of HFTG-250-22 for heating aluminium wire rod to the city of Dnipro

On 01.07.21, our company Thermolit Ltd. shipped a new, modern, powerful high-frequency generator HFTG-250-22.  The high-frequency generator is assembled on the most powerful IGBT modules by INFENEON and drivers by Semikron Electronics Pvt Ltd. Rated power in load is 250kW and frequency range from 17kHz to 25kHz. Control system is built on STMicroelectronics controller. This controller allows to produce high frequency generator in the range from 50 Hz to 500 kHz.

An induction heating unit was assembled on the base of this generator HFTG-250-22 for high-speed heating of aluminium rod to a temperature of 500° C. The inductor heats the aluminium wire rod at a power of 250kW for further processing.

The high-frequency transistor generators type HFTG surpassed the previously used tube generators in terms of characteristics and operating efficiency. For more than 17 years we have mass-produced high-frequency generators with power from 5 kW to 500 kW and frequency from 5 kHz to 500 kHz.

Over this time Thermolit Ltd. has manufactured and launched more than 340 of high-frequency generators of different frequencies and capacities.

Thermolit Ltd. is a full-cycle company, which means that we design, manufacture, test at the rated power and put our equipment into operation for our Customers.

Dear Customer! If you are interested in high-quality products and reducing electricity costs, you should choose the high-frequency transistor generators of HFTG series produced by LLC "Termolit"!

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