ICMEF-0,16/0,16 TH2 shipment to Minsk, Republic of Belarus

On May 30 2021 LLC "Termolit" shipped an induction electric crucible melting furnace ICMEF-0,16/0,16 TH2 to Minsk, Republic of Belarus. This furnace will be used for scientific and research purposes in the field of metallurgy by experimental melting of metals and alloys for further development of technologies and equipment for non-ferrous alloys recycling and producing from them ring blanks, which are suitable for production of sliding bearings at the metallurgical enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

The delivery set included the following components: two melting units, a thyristor frequency converter, a condenser battery, a heat-exchange cabinet, a control and signalling panel, a set of water-cooled pipes and cables, an inductor. The structures of the melting units are made of stainless steel, which increases the mechanical strength of the product. The thyristor frequency converter maintains maximum power factor at any moment of melting, and also reduces the cost of the final product due to power saving and reduction of operating costs.

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