Equipment for melting of precious metals (order of jewelery plant)

Clients of Termolit LLC are engineering, aviation, metallurgical, and, since recent times, jewelry enterprises. So in 2012, jewelry plant «Zolotoy Vek» from Zaporozhye sends inquiry for the design and manufacture of a furnace for melting precious metals. In the appeal, the company indicated that they had a need to melt gold and silver for production purposes. The decision on the appeal LLC Termolit was made after studying reviews on the work. After examining the technical base of the company and negotiations with technical specialists, «Zolotoy Vek» made an order to purchase an induction furnace based on HFTG -20-44 for smelting precious metals with a capacity of 5 kg.

HFTG high-frequency transistor generator is used to power induction heating units and induction furnaces for melting metals (gold, silver). The HFTG is connected to a network with a voltage of 3x380V, has a rated power of 20 kW at the output, and a voltage frequency of 44 kHz. This generator does not have a cooling station. HFTG can be controlled from the front panel of the device, or remotely - from the pedal. It has a reliable protection and indication system, which can determine the type of malfunction and prevent the failure of HFTG power elements.

ВТГ-20-44 БО плавильная печь для ювелиров

Considering all the requirements of the Customer, the company's specialists have developed an induction furnace for jewelers with a capacity of 5 kg. All work related to the design, commissioning and start-up of equipment was carried out in the shortest possible time. Jewelers of the plant were able to verify the effectiveness and productivity of  HFTG. Already in 2014, they ordered another such furnace for melting gold and silver.

For the third time, the Zolotoy Vek factory contacted the company's specialists in 2016, when they had a need to increase the capacity of the furnace for melting precious metals to 10 kg. As a result, the company developed an induction furnace for jewelers based on the HFTG-20-44 unit with the required capacity.

The collaboration with the jewelry factory did not end there. In 2018, they turned to the technical department of the company, with an order to repair the Italian installation for continuous casting of gold. This type of equipment is used to obtain strips from which jewelry is subsequently made. And once again, the company's specialists coped with the task perfectly, all the work was completed within 5 days. Evidence of this - grateful feedback from the factory jewelers.

Termolit LLC can design and manufacture induction furnaces for jewelry work according to your individual order. To do this, just fill out an application.