Board adapter 32

Board Adapter 32

The Adapter 32 board is designed to connect the Skyper 32 driver (SEMIKRON, Germany).

The parameters of the board can be adjusted, which allows you to adapt and optimize the used IGBT module. IGBT switching performance can be affected by user settings, such as changing the on and off speed.


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The device assembly consists of the following nodes:

  • signal processing unit with an isolated interface;
  • protection and monitoring scheme;
  • insulated gate control output stages;
  • DC / DC converter for supplying driver output stages.

The main technical specifications of drivers:

  • I (out) - 15 A;
  • P (channel) - 2 W;
  • the gate charge of a controlled transistor is up to 6.3 μC;
  • f - up to 50 kHz;
  • U (isolated) - 4 kV.


Designation Name Value Unit
Vs Vs Primary supply voltage 16 V
IoutPEAK Output peak current 15 А
IoutAVmax Output average current 50
fmax Max. switching frequency 50 kHz
VCE Collector-Emitter Voltage (DC) 1200 V
RGon min Minimum external sequential shutter resistance on-state 2,2* Ohm
RGoff min Minimum external sequential shutdown resistance 2,2* Ohm
Top Operating temperature - 25 ... + 85 °C
Tstg Storage temperature - 25 ... + 85 °C


Using the tag scheme, the number of external discrete elements was minimized. The SKIC2001 dual-channel chip developed by SEMIKRON for use in drivers and intelligent power modules of the SKiiP series performs the following functions:

  • noise suppression;
  • rationing of levels and fronts of input signals;
  • power voltage monitoring;
  • error signal generation;
  • prohibition of the simultaneous inclusion of half-bridge transistors, the formation of switching delay time;
  • control of the built-in isolated DC / DC converter.

Figure 1 - Electrical schematic diagram for adapter for the driver.

Схема электрическая принципиальная адаптер для драйвера

Fig. 2 - PCB adapter for driver

 Печатная плата-адаптер для драйвера