Automated hardening complex for the agro-industrial sector

Тестирование закалочной установки ИЗУ-80-6
A Ukrainian agro-industrial company contacted us with a request to create a universal equipment for hardening a shafts up to 1500 mm in height and gears up to 350 mm in diameter.

The task was not easy, since it was necessary to take into account not only the parameters of various blanks, but also the hardening technology of the shaft itself. After all, it is not necessary to harden the entire object, but only some of its parts.

Our team decided to harden the shafts by continuously moving the inductor along the workpiece and then cooling it with a sprayer, while the workpiece is clamped in the centers to give a rotation of 150 rpm.

The result of this task was the developed and manufactured automated induction complex IHU-80-66 based on HFTG-80-66.

Автоматизированный закалочный комплекс

The whole complex consists of a HFTG-80-66 high-frequency generator, a heating block with a set of inductors and a hardening machine that allows you to fix the workpiece, rotate it, move the inductor along the workpiece, supply the hardening liquid to the sprayer and pump it out of the bath.

This automated hardening complex allows for induction hardening by high-frequency currents of vertically arranged rotated bodies, both the outer and inner surfaces of the hardened workpiece, as well as hardening of gears, gear wheels, sprockets. In this case, it is possible to quench workpieces in zones with different heating parameters. The number of hardening zones is determined by the workpiece configuration.

A modern hardening complex with high frequency currents requires a high degree of automation. This can only be achieved using modern technical solutions based on programmable logic controllers (PLC). It was decided to purchase a reliable and efficient PLC (Mitsubishi FX5U-32MR / ES) with a good operator panel from Mitsubishi Electric (Mitsubishi GS2107-WTBD) and a communication cable for connecting the operator panel with the PLC.

All parameters of technological operations are programmed on the control panel. The display of the control panel shows the current state of the process and the values ​​of the heating parameters. The technologist can create up to 120 control programs in various combinations of modes and values ​​of their parameters.

The operator can define up to five different hardening zones. At the same time, an optical encoder is used in the design. It eliminates the large number of zone limit switches and their routine adjustments.

The entire logical part of the installation is built on the basis of a PLC (Mitsubishi FX5U-32MR / ES) and is distinguished by its unpretentiousness and reliability. Smooth adjustment of the inductor movement is provided by an asynchronous frequency drive

The tests were carried and proved the effective operation of the developed complex in accordance with the customer's expectations.

Termolit LLC has again proved that they can fulfill orders of any complexity at a high level! Positive customer reviews are proof of this!