History of Termolit LLC

ООО "Термолит"

History of Termolit LLC dates back to 1996 the rental of premises of a 200 sq. Meter premises in Melitopol (Ukraine). The premise was in disrepair. There were terrifying slots and holes in the ceiling. Since the beginning of activity fell on the cold season, we had to save ourselves with potbelly stoves and hot tea. The founder of the enterprise was then leading specialist of the Dagestan Plant of Electrothermal Equipment (JSC DagZETO), Isa Isaev.

Трудовой коллектив 1996 год.

Labor collective of 1996 year.

The development of unique induction equipment taking into account the individual needs of each Customer was a priority for the company.

Purposefulness, painstaking work, personal and labor experience of the leader and professionalism of the team soon gave the first results - induction melting furnaces were developed and put into operation. During this period, the company becomes the flagship in its industry in the Zaporizhzhya region and made the first export. It was the first, but not the last victory of a well-coordinated team, named - Termolit!

Further, the company began to develop rapidly - as a result of winning a competition (at that time there was no such thing as "tender") a new building was purchased for a mechanical assembly shop. Next, an electrical assembly shop, a warehouse of finished products and storage of component materials are built. The premises of the design department and other office premises are being repaired. But the main thing for the Chief is not only the expansion of production capacities, but also compliance with other equally important conditions for conducting a successful business:

  • Modernization of equipment;
  • development of new innovative projects;
  • maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the enterprise;
  • creation of comfortable working conditions;
  • salary increase, availability of social guarantees;
  • training;
  • creating and maintaining a corporate culture;
  • competent maintenance of technical documentation.

The labor collective is the main core of the Termolit LLC company, because it is precisely people who create a unique product known outside Ukraine. Therefore, the director regularly improves working conditions and raises the salary of his employees.

New Year 2017

At present, Termolit LLC is a full-cycle scientific and production complex - from the generation of technical ideas to their implementation in production.