TERMOLIT” LLC was found by leading specialists of “DagZETO” JSC (“Dagestan plant of electroheat equipment”) that worked at the plant for a long time and have long experience on designing, production and putting into operation of induction coreless melting electric furnaces, heating and hardening units.


In 1997 designing department, machine-assembly and electric-assembly department were created.


After studying technical documentation of induction melting furnaces of ISC type, designed by VNIIETO, Moscow, and on the basis of experience of putting into operation lots of different furnaces, in the designing department of “TERMOLIT” LTD technical documentation was designed, and also technical conditions for induction coreless melting electric furnaces of new type - ICMEF. At the elaboration of design documentation all designing defects and customer remarks about furnaces of ISC type were eliminated. After that this technical documentation has undergone an examination by State institutes of protection of labour, sanitary and epidemiological station, standardization and in 2001 some furnaces of new type were produced.


Since January 2002 has being started serially manufacturing of furnaces of ICMEF type on the new production area. Department of new developments was created on the enterprise, where new equipment is designed and put into serial production. It let to increase nomenclature of output goods and satisfy rising demands of national and CIS enterprises.


In 2007 was finished designing of new power supplies for induction heating – thyristor frequency converters. Power bipolar transistor with the insulated gate made by “Mitsubishi” and “Simiron” are used as load-bearing element in these frequency converters. Managing system is on the bases of programmable microcontroller. Programmers are developed programs of optimization of frequency converters operation, which reduce influence coefficient of founder in the regulation of melting practice.


2009 - year of the crisis, despite its complexity has allowed us to learn and introduce new products. Thus was developed and implemented in the production a high-frequency transistor generator HFTG-80-66 - a product that allows to replace successfully the valve oscillator HFG-2-100-0, 066. There are no analogues of such a product in the manufacture of other companies - competitors.

It was also designed and manufactured a new induction coreless melting electric furnace ICMEF-0,8/0,65 that allows to receive up to 900 kg of molten metal. A feature of this furnace is that it is powered by a network 380V, which eliminates the necessity to buy power transformer. It lowers the cost of the furnace and, accordingly, its resale value.

Thyristor frequency converter undergone a qualitative change. Firstly new cabinet of TFC was developed and adopted to the production with protection degree IP54. This allows to install the TFC directly in the zone of the furnace and, thus, there is no need to build equipment room for the Customer. We have made ??TFC of modular design, where TFC joins cabinet of the capacitor bank and a heat exchanger. Since the internal assembly is made by us, it is much easier and faster to mount the furnace at their factory by the Customer.

Moreover, in 2009 the induction coreless melting furnace ICMEF-0,1/0,1 was produced which expands the range of our furnaces.

This year we have diversified a range of induction heating units:

  • for heating of long workpieces by spring winding;
  • for tubes annealing before profiling;
  • for heating fluids of Azmol plant;
  • for heating and quenching circuits.

Induction hardening units based on HFTG for agricultural component quenching is also manufactured and machine for quenching parts such as "Shaft."

Nowadays «TERMOLIT» LTD is a dynamically developed, modern, science intensive company, where a high-qualified personnel is working. It is a scientific-production complex with a full cycle – from generation of technical ideas to its realization in production.

«TERMOLIT» LLC specializes on the design, manufacture and supply the following equipment:

  • induction coreless furnaces
  • heating and hardening units
  • thyristor frequency converters
  • high-frequency transistor generators.

Furthermore our specialist can design and produce any type of induction heating unit according to the Customers’ order and small high-frequency generators for surface hardening of parts.

Direction of «TERMOLIT» LTD together with the leading specialists work to upgrade output product at all times. We monitor all novelties in this sphere and try to apply the newest technologies in the production of induction melting furnaces. Our principle is constant improvement of production engineering level and customization.