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Stable and dynamic work, professionalism of staff, warranty of production quality, mobility in execution of order let TERMOLIT LLC to occupy one of the leading position not only on domestic, but international market also, have built up solid reputation as a reliable supplier.

TERMOLIT LLC presents to market a range of equipment for induction heating and metal melting. At present enterprise serially produces the following types of induction equipment:

  • induction coreless melting electric furnaces of ICMEF type of capacity from 10 kg to 3000 kg
  • thyristor frequency converters of TFC type from 50 to 2000 kilowatt with frequencies 0,5 kHz, 1 kHz, 2,4 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz
  • induction heating and hardening units with capacity from 50 to 2000 kilowatt with frequencies 0,5 kHz, 1 kHz, 2,4 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 10kHz, 22kHz
  • high-frequency transistor generators of HFTG type with capacity from 2,5 to 250 kilowatt with frequencies 2,4-10 kHz, 22 kHz, 44 kHz, 66 kHz, 220kHz, 440kHz.





Isa Isaev

Igor Kachan

Olga Pirogova

Personnel of the enterprise has many years experience in the field of induction heating, which ensures the highest level of quality of the equipment and the high level of service. Our specialists constantly monitor market trends and are always responsive to the needs and wishes of customers. The complexity of technical equipment makes it possible to satisfy the diverse needs of the customer to create a complex of high-quality equipment that will fully meet the specified performance and provide the desired level of performance.

TERMOLIT LLC is distinguished with:

  1. competitive price and confidential relations with clients;
  2. minimal terms of order performance;
  3. high quality of produced equipment;
  4. possibility to develop qualitatively and in a short time new types of induction
  5. equipment according to the Customers’ order;
  6. long-term operation life of equipment.

In the nearest future the main objectives and priorities for TERMOLIT LLC are:

  • continued work on the improvement, modernization of production;
  • development of new products;
  • continuous improvement of product quality in line with the demand of consumers;
  • establishment of long-term partnership with leading companies producing materials and components of the highest quality.

The marketing policy of the company is based on five pillars:

  • Quality - induction equipment, designed and manufactured by TERMOLIT LLC must have the highest quality indicators: work safely and efficiently. It must correspond to the level of international standards and not to yield to foreign analogues.
  • Price - the cost of the equipment shall comply with its quality and thus should be formed based on the principle of reasonable sufficiency. The price of the equipment should be available.
  • Terms of delivery- should be as low as possible. Customer must not for a long time to "freeze" their money. The term of the design and manufacture of even non-standard equipment should not exceed 60 days.
  • Service - putting into operation is to be made as soon as possible in compliance with all rules and regulations for installation and commissioning. Warranty support equipment does not depend on the location of the customer. Post-warranty service is performed on mutually beneficial terms. Staff of the customer should be trained in safe methods of working with equipment.
  • Individual approach to customer - customer's specifications - a guide to action, a principle which must be the concept of "do as for themselves." The customer should not suffer from ignorance. Our task - the task of professionals - the best approach to solving the problems of the customer and ask him exactly what he needs.


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